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Thursday, 22 March 2018 07:35
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490) Terry Boyle 
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Sunday, 11 September 2016 17:10 Host: 5ac58419.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Hello Lads, hey Johno have you fell off the face of the earth, we are all worried about you (no shit). Have you caught a disease off them sheep and now in intensive care somewhere.
Alright Mac I am really enjoying the Para Olympics infact enjoying it more than the Olympics , we are doing very well, not getting much help from SCOTLAND though.
Breakfast Tuesday strangers, 0900 Harvester Plymton. Sure I will take in a coffee at the Shack some time this week.
Hope Wiggy's list is going well for Men's night!!.
Break a leg.
489) Sam potts 
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Monday, 5 September 2016 21:53 Host: cpc95108-newt39-2-0-cust400.19-3.cable.virginm.net Write a comment

See it's same old same old on this site!

Hopefully Wiggy can be noted as Social Sec on home page?

I will be checking on the old badgers at breakie in the morning! I may have a low butter croissant &
Aqua with them! If I feel peckish!

Mac regards to your good self .& Pammie, hope you have not had too many rumbles recently?

Sam out!

Ray Lester Monday, 5 September 2016 23:22
Host: host86-130-29-38.range86-130.btcentralplus.com
I guess it would be nice for Wiggy to be noted as Social Sec on the Home Page. But it would ne nicer if someone informed me so I could update the site. May even get a copy of the minutes too.

Scouse Tuesday, 6 September 2016 10:29
Host: 027f3052.bb.sky.com
I know,Shoddy isn't it Ray, the enthusiasm don't seem to be there anymore..I will give it another year and hope things improve. Can't see it though.
How are you mate, long time no see, hope all is well now at your end.
Had breakfast this morning with Basher and Warrantie turned up and guess what had the biggest breakfast in the world and cleared his plate, begrudged having to pay for it as usual, opened his wallet and moths flew out. This is Sam I will only have a cup of coffee...
Nothing else to report, nice to hear from you Ray, you have'nt seen JOHNO have you, we are all looking for him...
Break a leg.

Mac MacCallum Tuesday, 6 September 2016 10:44
Host: pc-186-98-104-200.cm.vtr.net
Yep Sam it is the same ol, same ol on this site as it is the same contributors all the time and if it wasn't for us there would be nothing at all on here. I feel,sorry for Ray as webmaster having to read all our crap day after day. All well here in Chile and no rumbles so far anyway. Glad to hear that you gave in and had a man sized brekkie even though the Queen blinked when you opened the wallet. On a different tack how is the response for the Men only night going? Don't know where Johno is hiding as he is on a ship now but must be busy or too busy for us anyway. Anyway all for now, oh thanks for the jokes Scouse......play nice, love and peace.

Dan Beer Thursday, 8 September 2016 08:47
Host: 97e2534f.skybroadband.com
Very busy here, with route planning, site searching to stop at and beaches for wild camping (thats using the solar panel power for the MTJ overnight). Had small AMP on monday, leisure battery replaced as it wouldn't hold a full charge, second one fitted. TV booster enhanced. All good now for about 4/5 weeks away from 21st sept. Promise not to cause any hold ups on the roads Mac. If wifi available shall put a quick update on. For those on FB photos will be posted when possible. Happy days off to Dartmouth Golf Club for away day golf today.
488) Mac MacCallum 
Santiago,de Chile
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Monday, 5 September 2016 11:57 Host: pc-186-98-104-200.cm.vtr.net Write a comment

(488) Seriously worried about Johno now the treatment can't be working on his diseases! Another week and now the International break is over we can get back to decentish football after the crap that has been served up even Chile lost to Paraquay but we have,Bolivia at home tonight so looking forward to that. Glad you had a good Cruise Danbouy and now it's lookout Scotland, I hope the "scotch" are ready for you hope you have a good brekkie Svouse and say hi and best regards to Basher. That's it for now, play nice, love and peace.

Scouse Monday, 5 September 2016 12:24
Host: 027f3052.bb.sky.com
Alright Mac, nice photo looks like it was taken at the Shack, could not see the strap on your Man Bag so you hid that well.
Will pass your regards on to Bash at breakfast tomorrow.
Yes watched England last night, it was hard to tell which way they were kicking with so many back passes, so nothing changed there then..Might do better against that top team Malta!!!!!..
Well lads I am 72 in 22 days time and starting to feel it, was it like that for you Mac??. The old legs are not working so fast these days, I need a holiday.
Perhaps Johno is not back on a ship yet, this is not like him, sort it out Mac..
Break a leg or two

Scouse Monday, 5 September 2016 18:15
Host: 027f3052.bb.sky.com
STOP PRESS......Warrantie may be coming to breakfast tomorrow. However Denise has stopped him eating a Man's meal, so he may have serial only, or perhaps he just can't afford a proper meal...Will tell you all about it when I next come to press.
487) Terry Boyle 
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 10:27 Host: 027f3052.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Hello Mac/Johno and Danbouy.
Had breakfast yesterday at the Hyde Park, very nice however it's back to the Harvester next week.
Well Wiggy is getting things going, found a place he just has to push it now to get the numbers, sorry Wiggy I will not be attending as a guest!!!!!.
Hope all is well in Chile Mac, Johno I take it is now back on a ship and Danbouy is or was blocking the roads up in Scotland in his "MTJ".
Weather here is still brill you two sailors, so who needs to go looking for the Sun.
Otherwise all well here in Plymouth.
Break a leg...

Mac MacCallum Friday, 26 August 2016 10:08
Host: pc-186-98-104-200.cm.vtr.net
Well Hello Scouse and others from this second rate country!! Yes I have seen the Olympics and being in the same time Zone didn't have to wait up until the wee hours of the morning to do so! Great stuff from our Team. I think you should help Wiggy out Scouse, as a guest, doesn't mean you have to attend the Meetings. This is a good deal and I hope he gets support. Danbouy is on a Cruise and hasn't started his blockage of Scotlans roads just yet! Johno is very quiet which is not unusual, still knackered from all his sheep shagging! Not sure that I don't prefer the Hyde Park for Brekkie, much nicer and the waitress was younger! Anyway that is all for now, play nice, love and peace.

Scouse Sunday, 28 August 2016 18:04
Host: 027f3052.bb.sky.com
Hello Mac, glad to see you are still getting communications over there in Chile. No don' t think Wiggy needs my help, members should help him if he needs it. He's an old sea salt he knows what needs doing, pushing it will be his challenge to get other members interested.
It's back to the Harvester for breakfast on Tuesday, I might suggest to Bash we alternate each week between Harvester and Hyde Park..
Nothing from Johno(how soon they forget).don't think Johno is in to sheep Mac, but then we never know with you Stewards on Cruise Ships!!!!.
Had trip out to Salcombe today took in Lunch which was very nice, place was packed though which was a surprise as weather not too good today, lots of ankle snappers so we didn't stay too long.
Hoe tomorrow for breakfast and coffee at the Terrace.
Break a leg.

Dan Beer Tuesday, 30 August 2016 08:21
Host: 97e2523f.skybroadband.com
Morning back from a superb cruise, only down point Sarande in Albania. Pre deployment checks starting on MTJ for our grand tour of Scotland.

Scouse Tuesday, 30 August 2016 12:09
Host: 027f3052.bb.sky.com
Welcome back Danbouy, I agree with you about Albania, we went there with Thomson a couple years ago, one hell of a shit hole, berthing fees must be dead cheap there.
Had breakfast this morning at the Harvester, refit all finished, new entrance, new seats, they have moved our seat put a big round one there, but our waitress saved us another table close by. Breakfast still the same all you can eat and drink.
Stand by Scotland the (MTJ) is on its way up there, have a nice trip Danbouy.
In 5 weeks time I will be sun worshipping in Corfu for 2 weeks, looking forward to it.
Weather brill here again Mac..Still nothing from Johno perhaps the sheep ate him.
Break a leg.

dan Beer Friday, 2 September 2016 11:15
Host: 97e2523f.skybroadband.com
We enjoyed a stop in Corfu and Crete very enjoyable. Santorini was superb and we are looking at renting a huge villa next year and taking loads of family with us. Venice was a case of very picturesque but so crowded. At one point on the saturday there were nine cruise ships in. Over 50,000 visitors everyday. Too crowded for me. Bridge lookouts keep a good look out for Johno!!! Cheers.
486) Wiggy Bennett 
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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 08:44 Host: 5acded76.bb.sky.com Write a comment

(486) 19 November, Mount Edgcumbe Masonic Hall, Citadel Road East, Pltmouth.Annual Men only Dinner, Four Course Meal, Wine and Port, Cheap beer £3.00 a pint bar till late. The venue is an alleyway from the Barbican. Rig: Jacket and tie. All Gunners, Ex Gunners, AWW's and male guests welcome. Cost £20 for members and £25 for non members/guests. Limited places so get in early and make a good night of it..For more details PM Wiggy (Alan) Bennett
485) Mac MacCallum 
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Monday, 15 August 2016 18:05 Host: 027e1271.bb.sky.com Write a comment

(485) On the move again, Chile bound now. Play nice love and peace

Scouse Tuesday, 16 August 2016 18:36
Host: 5e0110f5.bb.sky.com
Have a safe trip back Mac, might see you in October. Had breakfast this morning at the Hyde Park, it certainly gives the Harvester a run for the money, I think Hyde Park might just have it. We are there again next week and then it's back to the Harvester, it opens again on the 27th.
Uk still doing well in Rio, hope you get it in that second rate country you are now back in Mac. You must feel like a millionaire when you are there.
Danbouy is blocking the roads up in Scotland I think, so hey guys there's two houses empty, hit them quick.
You all break a leg.
484) Terry Boyle 
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Sunday, 7 August 2016 17:24 Host: 5ad4981b.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Alright everyone...Nice to see Mac back in town we had coffee with Wiggy on the Hoe Thursday, it's breakfast next on Tuesday at the Hyde Park 0900.
Hope I can fit it in, the Olympics has got me glued to the telly.
Hope all is well with you Johno. I take it your not back on your ship yet.
Nout else to report, see you Tuesday.

Mac MacCallum Monday, 8 August 2016 09:04
Host: cpc95036-newt40-2-0-cust440.19-3.cable.virginm.net
Recce already done, I'll be there...Wiggy at work so can't make it....Hoe was good but I forgot about all the grockles! See ya, play nice, love and peace.

dan BEER Monday, 8 August 2016 15:42
Host: 97e2523f.skybroadband.com
I'll be there in the morning.

Scouse Tuesday, 9 August 2016 11:37
Host: 5e0087ca.bb.sky.com
Had a lovely breakfast this morning at the Hyde Park, Mac/Danbouy/Basher and my grandson it was lovely, Mac and I then had coffee at the Shack on the Hoe, nice time of day 1015 the holiday makers are not up then. Aii being well we will meet at the Shack on Thursday at 1500 for coffee.
Danbouy had to go he was off to the Cinema to see the sequel to finding NEMO, grow up Danbouy, it's for kids.
Break a leg..

Mac MacCallum Tuesday, 9 August 2016 12:09
Host: cpc95036-newt40-2-0-cust440.19-3.cable.virginm.net
As Scouse has already reported fine breakfast at the Hyde Park, great value and nice setting. Danbout stunned us all BR saying that he was going to "Find Dorey" most of us didn't even know he was lost, sequel to Nemo apparently, who would have known! Good Luck Danbouy better than the threat of taking the MTJ to Chile to wind me up. How was beautiful too. Play nice, love and peace?
483) Mac MacCallum 
At sea
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Saturday, 30 July 2016 16:39 IP: Write a comment

We are on way up North again into Alaskan waters but for me for the last time for now anyway. When you are having breakfast on Tuesday I will be signing off in Juneau and heading for home after 5 very long months. I land in the UK on the afternoon of the 3rd and will probably stay with my sister that evening and head back to Guzz on the 4th. Only home for just over a week before heading off to Chile for most of my time off. Looking forward to a brekkie at the Hyde Park but where to Park Scouse? Not a word from Mr Johnson who should be back on his war canoe by now so I will try and contact him before I come back. Well thats it for now so play nice, love and peace!

Scouse Saturday, 30 July 2016 17:01
Host: 97e0f45a.skybroadband.com
Right parking Mac. Coming from Peverell, towards Mutley as you pass the big school on the right just before the Hyde Park and come to the big wall on right turn there follow road around car park is just there costs a £1 for an hour. Then just walk through the gap up to the pub. If not sure phone me on 561471 on the morning or failing that I can pick you up, discuss nearer the date which is Tuesday week. Up York / Liverpool right now get back on Wednesday, so if any tosser wants to break in to my house, then put something in there rather than take it out.
Break a leg

Mac MacCallum Saturday, 30 July 2016 18:34
Cheers Scouse think I got that although knowing me I will do a recce first!! Just spoke to Johno and all is well and he is back on his war canoe and I am sure once he has settled in he will be in touch. Play nice, break a leg.

DAN BEER Monday, 1 August 2016 10:48
Host: 97e2523f.skybroadband.com
There is also parking opposite the pub up the one way road which loops around past the Hyde Park School (which was the school Bernie was Head Teacher at for many years).

Mac MacCallum Monday, 1 August 2016 14:50
Last day shipmates and I leave this gin palace tomorrow and start the long trek home. This station will not be monitored for a couple of days now. I have also had my phone die on me since I have been gone so you will need to call me as I have lost all contacts, so much for modern technology. Any way play nice, love and peace.
482) Terry Boyle 
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Tuesday, 26 July 2016 10:50 Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Afternoon readers,.....Had breakie this morning the last at the Harvester for about 4 weeks, I am away next week up York / Liverpool, so next breakie will be at the Hyde Park in 2 weeks time, hope to see you there Mac then coffee at the Shack on the Thursday following....You can give me my gizzit then.
Saw Sam leaving Drake the other day, think he had been in bashing a ball against a wall, the Mrs spoke to him, but age is catching up on him, he didn't have a clue who she was as they passed in the gate house..
She met the Prince of Wales last week, he didn't remember me, in fact she didn't ask him, understandable.
Nothing else to report except to say if the MTJ is off the road then ther should be no hold ups this Thursday as I travel North.
Break a leg.....

dan BEER Tuesday, 26 July 2016 11:10
Host: 97e2523f.skybroadband.com
Shall walk down to Hyde Park in two weeks for brekkie, no point cycling only take a couple of minutes. Will Mac be able to keep the ice from the Hubbard Glacier frozen for you Terry?

Scouse Tuesday, 26 July 2016 15:20
Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com
Good Danbouy, it's a very nice breakie at the Hyde Park, we will meet about 0930, I say again 0930' there is a reason for this!!!
What is a Hubbard Glazier?. Don't tell me it will spoil Mac's surprise.

Scouseboyle Tuesday, 26 July 2016 15:47
Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com
Belay my last, I thought the Hyde Park didn't open till 0930, however just checked on the web it opens at 0900, so breakfast will be at the usual time of 0900 I say again 0900, be there or be square.
481) Terry Boyle 
IP logged Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 5_1_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9B206 Safari/7534.48.3
Wednesday, 20 July 2016 18:40 Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Evening lads, had breakfast yesterday all is well. Next week will be our last there for about 4/5 weeks, I am away the week after next then the Harvester is closing for about 4 weeks to have a refit, so while they are closed we will probably be going to the Cafe on the embankment, watch this space.
For you guys on them Gin Palaces, all is going well in England, the new PM did well on her debut in PM Question time, shot that Labour idiot down a few times, of course them Scotch Tossers are still determined to stay in the EU, so it will interesting to see how they do it, considering they voted to stay in the UK....But don't you over seas workers worry about this.
Football season will soon be here, all the friendlies are starting now, some will be on Sky...
Nothing else to report..
Break a leg.

DAN BEER Thursday, 21 July 2016 08:18
Host: 97e2523f.skybroadband.com
Wiggy was voted in as Social Sec for the WCGI's. Due to previous sec being drafted. Wiggy is trying to organise a booze cruise in September (date not yet known). Mac's report a bridge look out was good. MTJ is out and and about this week end meeting with friends at Dartmouth. Countdown on for honeymoon cruise, fly out to Rome 13th Aug join Queen Victoria for two weeks around Italy and eastern Med. Cheers shipmates.

Scouse Thursday, 21 July 2016 12:54
Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com
Thanks for the info Danbouy, don't think Mac and I will be going on any booze cruise...Are you sure Mac's lookout report was correct, go Danbouy pick him up for something or he will think he's good.
Sure Wiggy will make a good Soc Sec, I wish him look.
Break a leg or two

Mac MacCallum Thursday, 21 July 2016 14:41
Of course Wiggy will make an excellent SS but if the apathy that was shown to previous unfortunates who took the job remains the same it will remain a "thankless task" he needs support for all his ventures to be successful. I wish him well and I know that he will give it 100% Thanks for the 264 report Danbouy now causing havoc again on the roads of Devon with MTJ!!! I will hopefully see you before you go on your honeymoon Cruise as I am at home until the 16th before I fly off to Chile, maybe we can do a breakfast or are you still on that Diet!! mNot heard a peep from Johno so the sheep must still be in good shape...bless im. Big changes in the Country I hear but I will bet the Theresa May is not a popular choice especially with the Police that she hacked when she was Home Sec. The pound is still on its new low so ackers a plenty for me!!! Up at the Hubbard Glacier today so hope we dont hit the thing, awesome sight to be sure. Right I had better go for now, take care, play nice, love and peace.

Dan BEER Tuesday, 26 July 2016 08:03
Host: 97e2523f.skybroadband.com
Reckon brekkie will be okay, just being careful not to pile the pounds back on. MTJ safely parked back at storage, just seen if another trip can be done before cruise. Wasn't sure which look out routine you were using Mac.
480) Terry Boyle 
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Thursday, 14 July 2016 18:40 Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Well lads all the back stabbing has now stopped, and what about Boris Johnston becoming Foreign Secretary, if we are not at WAR with some one in the next six months I'll eat my hat. What the hell was she thinking of.
Weather not bad here Mac, Michael Fish reporting.
Breakfast with the drivers tomorrow on the Embankment.
Watching cricket and those tossers waisting a good walk playing golf at the moment, next we have the Olympics can't get any better than that...
Nothing else to report
Break a leg or two.

Mac MacCallum Saturday, 16 July 2016 02:00
Thanks for the update Scouse and I can hardly believe some of the things I am reading from home. We have our very own Donald Trump now(Boris Johnson) what is the country coming to. Theresa who as PM the whole kit and kabaoddle is going to ratshit. Yes the "Scotchman" is still British for now and at least we managed to see all his matches. We dont get any of the other Sports over here but the Cricket is descending into a middle order crisis again but good to see Chris Froome in the wacky races and leading again. The Olympics I guess we will get them as after all the US are Champions of the World at everything!!! Well everything that is except Field Gun and by the way Scouse it was always counted as our shore time and most of us went straight back to sea much quicker than others to sort out you wooftas. Well today we start my last circuit of the Alaska run and head North tonight from Vancouver and now much closer to sign off so feeling good. Right really must go for now so play nice, love and peace.

Scouse Saturday, 16 July 2016 14:09
Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com
What the hell are you doing up at 0200 Mac, your not doing watches on the bridge as bosun's mate are you.
The enemy is meeting Prince Charles on Wednesday in the Wardroom, told her to watch her P & Q's. And ask if he remembers me from the Brazen, he wasn't on there, but paid a visit when we down the Gulf during the Iraq / Kuewait fiasco( is that how you spell it). Came into our mess for a long chat and as Pres I had to meet him at the door. Much rather it have been Stevie Gerrard.
We are in for some nice weather next week, and it's started today Saturday.
Still nothing fron Johno!!!.
you break a leg or two.

Mac MacCallum Saturday, 16 July 2016 23:41
Haven't made the dizzy heights of BM yet so I was Stbd Lookout.....all lights in sight have been reported, Stbd navigation and masthead steaming light burning brightly, binoculars correct, permission to carry on Sir!

Scouse Sunday, 17 July 2016 18:08
Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com
One never forgets does one...But stand by I'm sure Danbouy will pick you up for something..
479) Terry Boyle 
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Saturday, 2 July 2016 14:27 Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Hello men, Dai Boyle here from Swansea, hope you are all well. What a game that was, really shows what a TOSSER Hodgson and his Wankers are, yes I am still upset with that defeat, but by the time of the new season I will have got over it, just hope the supporters at their clubs BOO them for the first half hour at the games, right got it off my chest.....
In case you are wondering Mac weather here a bit iffy, close to shitty.
Had a breakfast at the Terrace on the Hoe this morning, have not tried the Shack breakfast as yet!!. Breakfast this Tuesday by the way....Sam has gone to ground, must have gone to the Warrantie place in the sky.
That's all, no other news for you Mac.
Break a limb.

Johno Sunday, 3 July 2016 21:00
Host: host-116-251-164-199.xdsl.kinect.net.nz
Good Day chaps I bet you missed me (not) my apologise for not been online I am still on vacation due back 22 July, have had my boy and his missus over from uk so been showing them the sites of NZ, gets them out of the way from all the shite that's going on over in Blighty and as you say the football well not a lot you can say except that I enjoyed the rugby with the Wales test. Congratulations on your wedding Danny seen your pics on facebook hope they treated you well on independence. I am back on Oasis again they must really mis also as since I got back from the trip with the boy I had lots of emails from Miami asking where the flock I was, I think they wanted me to give up my vacation and go back early (not a chance). Well nice to see your all keeping fit and enjoying life. So how's Wales Scouse thinking of moving there are you, good roads for the Lexus. Mac have got a perm ship yet or still travelling . Well will try to be more in touch now, you all be good now

Scouse Monday, 4 July 2016 11:06
Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com
Ay look lads Johno is back from his trip into the hills sheep shagging, welcome back Johno...I will look out for the Oasis in case I ever up grade from Thomson. My cousin is going on the Discovery in August will wait a report from her before booking my next Cruise...
This football is looking like a Germany v France Final, so that should be good...
Breakfast tomorrow!!!!. Strangers.
What's this vacation Johno, since you moved down under you have gone all posh, it's called a f****** holiday here, so let's have no more of that crap.
Break a leg everyone.

Scouseboyle Monday, 4 July 2016 11:30
Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com
Of course just testing Danbouy, it can not be a Germany v France final they play each other in the semi's.

DAN BEER Friday, 8 July 2016 07:18
Host: 97e53c48.skybroadband.com
Didn't see much of the Match, but Germany certainly controlled the first 44 minutes, sadly France scored in second minute of added time. Then went onto win.

Mac MacCallum Monday, 11 July 2016 01:56
Well what a day, Andy Murray is still British, Lewis Hamilton won the Brit Grand Prix and the Portuguese beat the Frogs....doesnt get any better than that now. We are in Juneau, Alaska today and the world is good. Haven't heard much more from Johno so the sheep cant be tired out yet. He is back on his monster soon so I will be able to speak to him on our inter ship net and see how he is getting on. Really counting the days down now as I am knackered and the work load shows no signs of easing up any day soon. Hoep you have a good breakfast this week Scouse and give regards to Basher and never fear Scouse my sister says she has not put any new scratches on the car, lots of old ones mind you!!! Take care, play nice, love and peace.

dAN BEER Tuesday, 12 July 2016 07:22
Host: 97e2523f.skybroadband.com
Ah Juneau, that places appears now and then in 'Deadliest Catch'. Envy you Mac with the wonderful scenery and wildlife. MTJ is having a trip out in 10 days time. Then in September we could be away for a month up in Scotland.

Scouse Tuesday, 12 July 2016 11:22
Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com
Hello Mac/Johno and Danbouy, had breakfast this morning all is fine, have breakie again on Friday with the drivers....hard life isn't it...
Glad your knackered Mac, now you know how hard we sailors worked at sea in the grey funnel line, whilst you Field Gunners hung around the stone frigates running around all day!!!!.
Yes that near English man won Wimbledon good match over quicker than I thought in would be.
Now this week we have the Open, somewhere up in that country up North, also have the Cricket on Thursday.
Off up North the end of the month for a week, back on the 3rd August...
Nothing else to report
Break a leg..
478) Terry Boyle 
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Tuesday, 28 June 2016 10:05 Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Well needless to say I am in mourning, I have never seen such shit in all my life I would rather have seen Hodgson get sacked than see him resign because that makes it his decision and not the FA's. And Rooney vows to carry on, his he having a laugh, he couldn't pass wind or trap a nerve.. I am thinking of watching Caber Tossers from now on but I saw enough TOSSERS last night...Just think 2 Brexits in one week.
Had breakfast this morning, Basher is well sends his regards to you all..
Break a leg

DAN BEER Wednesday, 29 June 2016 07:11
Host: 97e53c48.skybroadband.com
It was worse than shite. It showed a total inability to raise your game, play with pride and most importantly listen to good well researched information in regards to long throw ins. Head and shoulders should drop Hart. In fact any company, organisation would be wise to dump any of the twats from ads, campaigns etc. Thank #@*%! our Rugby team showed what true dedicated sportsman can do. On the plus Tour de France starts this week end and its our big week end wedding bash. Small chance a bit of incohol will be consumed.

Mac MacCallum Wednesday, 29 June 2016 14:47
Well although I am "Scotch" I have to say that the result of the Iceland match came as a bit of a shock. Never saw the game so cant comment more than that but nevertheless I can only imagine the papers back home. Danbouy hope you have a great week and I wish that I could be there as I am sure that it will be a great bash that is assuming of course that one got an invite. Look forward to the Tour de France just to see who the latest drug addict is!! Johno must be sheeped out there is that long since we heard from him! Oh well never mind the sheep are happy! All good on the breakfast front and glad to hear that Basher is well please pass on best wishes. Alaska Season is going well and the ship is full to capacity each leg so the wages are safe for another year at least. Anyway hope you are all well, play nice, love and peace.

Dan BEER Thursday, 30 June 2016 08:15
Host: 97e53c48.skybroadband.com
Mac me old shippers 'Scotch' is a drink. Scots is your race. Only saying as Granma Jessie on my Fathers side always told us that.

Mac MacCallum Thursday, 30 June 2016 14:26
Oh Danbouy thanks for the lesson however I would have thought the fact that I always put it in inverted commas might have given the game away that I was playing with Scouse as I am sure he was playing with me! Have a good weekend go cause a Traffic jam somewhere! Play nice, love and peace.
477) Terry Boyle 
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Sunday, 26 June 2016 18:52 Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Any jobs going on your ships Mac, the 3rd World War is starting in this country and I have got to get out of here.
Can you imagine we may have Boris Johnson & Donald Trump running two countries on the same Planet, that's an accident waiting to happen.
I must say though I didn't think the out would win, don't think it is a disaster, but for a while things will be a little tough, should be settled down by the time you manage to get home Mac..Danbouy has probably missed all this if he has been away in the "MTJ". Who knows we're Johno is right now, rounding sheep up.. As for FMTH he probably doesn't give a shit.
Breakfast Tuesday
Break a leg.

Dan Beer Monday, 27 June 2016 15:14
Host: 97e53c48.skybroadband.com
Not been away in MTJ, busy golf week last week. This week is getting all the props and lawn games for our Wedding Shin dig on Saturday. The Krankie woman in Scotland wants another vote for Scottish Independence. So not to be ruled by elected MP's in Westminster, no she will want unelected burrecrats in Brussels. If they did vote for it submarines would come south for sure. Wave to any crab boats you see Mac, they maybe TV stars. England v Iceland tonight, going to put myself through it. Happy Days.
476) Terry Boyle 
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Thursday, 23 June 2016 18:35 Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Well done to the home nations and Northern Island, looks like we have a re-run of the COD WAR coming up on Saturday...lose that and Hodgson came whistle Dixie( he will be going anyway at the end of all this)
Actually got a night off tonight no football....
Hope you are both well you sea going pimps. cool lol razz (stick out tongue) .
Opening a sweep stake on who the next manager will be.
Nothing else to report, so you all break a leg.

DAN BEER Friday, 24 June 2016 12:00
Host: 97e53c48.skybroadband.com
Scouse you obviously were never OOW2 at sea or did much chart work. Northern Ireland are a Home Nation. Republic of Ireland (EIRE) on the other hand are not. Must be correct on these things as we are now no longer in The EU.

Scouse Boyle Friday, 24 June 2016 12:37
Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com
Well done Danbouy, you spotted my deliberate mistake, I did mean EIRE , no never did OOW2, too busy running the Ops Department.
Well what do we do now that we are on our own, we will get better off in time I am sure, the good thing about it we are getting rid of Cameron and Osborne may follow.
Now we will just have to watch them Scotch Tossers across the border have another vote, that's all they seem to do..
It won't effect my pensions or standard of living, will still be able to go for my breakfasts.
Break a leg

Mac MacCallum Friday, 24 June 2016 15:32
Now you guys play nice and dont let this Brit whatever it is split us. Love your political views on the "Scotch" tossers Scouse very politically astute at least we know whether we are part of the UK or not and after all what would we do without all the benefits you numpties are paying us. This farce has also increased my pay packet as the pound has fallen dramatically against the $ so happy days for me!! As for the footie the paint is still drying on my latest project so I will continue watching that. Still up here in Alaska and beautiful weather so awesome scenery and another month or so to go. Still scheduled for Aug 3rd for a couple of weeks in the UK or whatever it will be called by then. You all take care, remember play nice, love and peace....
475) Terry Boyle 
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Tuesday, 21 June 2016 11:25 Host: 5ad99936.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Had Breakfast this morning, all is well.
Watched that crap last night, like you Mac, think I'll start watching curling or tossing the caber..
Bumped into Jock Rennie this morning at the paper shop, he was on his way to our Hoe Mac for a coffee.
Nothing else to report.
Break a leg.
474) Terry Boyle 
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Monday, 20 June 2016 12:48 Host: 027f3346.bb.sky.com Write a comment

Look Mac we have stirred Danbouy, told you Danbouy it's not to be known as a MH it's a MTJ..
Always wanted to go to Alaska Mac you lucky git, hope you are getting the chance to get ashore.
Of course you are not interested in Football, I knew that, perhaps thats because that team you have, have not made it..
All the home teams are doing well, tonight big night.
Breakfast tomorrow, the Harvester is being done up in August and closed for 2 weeks, we will find somewhere else...Probably go to the Cafe on the Embankment...Had a nice breakfast at "The Terrace" on the Hoe on Friday, lovely day it was too.
Hope that Sister of yours has not put any more scratches on my car Mac.
You all break a leg..
473) Ray Lester 
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Friday, 17 June 2016 09:01 Host: host31-54-93-36.range31-54.btcentralplus.com Write a comment

.... and thank you for your ever continuing support for your website by posting in this here Guestbook, I try to read all your posts and comments but there are times when I have to catch up and then its like an on going soap opera.
Just came back form another run in GIB staying on the Sunborn Yacht Hotel again. We all know GIB has changed dramatically over the years but it’s still a magic run ashore. I tried working out how many times I’ve actually been to GIB but lost count after 28 and I was 2 years married accompanied in the mid 70’s so I got to know the place quite well. The Changes I feel are for the better the new bars being as good as the old ones, if not better.
Anyway please keep up the good work especially reading news on Basher, I can see from the writings he is well thought of by you all, and I will get down to Plymouth again as soon as I can and join you all for Breakfast, you just need to tell me where it is you go. Take care you old salts I reach retirement age next march so I’ll park my Zimmer frame next to yours ….. lol lol cool cool


Scouse Friday, 17 June 2016 13:56
Host: 5ac58576.bb.sky.com
Good one Danbouy.....
Hello Ray nice to hear from you, always nice to see you, as for breakfast, Mac may be home in August, we all go to breakfast with Basher every Tuesday, but when Mac returns we may go for an extra one on the Hoe to the Shack. Got a feeling though that Johno may not be there, as for Danbouy, he's married now so like Sam can only attend if he put in a leave chit. lol .Keep up to date on this site.

M<ac MacCallum Friday, 17 June 2016 14:30
Hi Scouse still here in the depths of Alaska and its tough work mate I can tell you. Nice to see Ray put in a Guest appearance and it would be nice to see him at a Brekkie. Danbouy is married now so the diet should no longer b e an excuse so you should see him unless he is on No 10's!! As for the football I was thinking of borrowing Danbouy"s fence and getting some paint so that I could watch it dry!!! Boring overpaid poofters the lot of em! Not heard from Johno since he left the ship or should that be spelt sheep!! The flock must be looking forward to him going back so that they can have a rest. Like I said up here in Alaska and glad that I did it as the scenery is awesome and it never gets dark. Get a bit worried around all these glaciers but so far so good no Titanic like incidents. Plenty of Whales to see and it reminds me of the Whaley bop!!! Havent heard from Sam either but he is probably on another peace keeping mission in Switzerland! Right really must go now as we are about to Dock in Vancouver and start the whole thing all over again and work to be done. Ya all take care now, play nice, love and peace.

Dan Beer Monday, 20 June 2016 09:13
Host: 97e53c48.skybroadband.com
Getting plenty of time away in the MH, try not to cause any jams. Doing a three week tour of Scotland in September.
472) Terry Boyle 
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Thursday, 16 June 2016 10:50 Host: 5ac58576.bb.sky.com Write a comment


DAN BEER Thursday, 16 June 2016 16:37
Host: 97e53c48.skybroadband.com
"He's behind You"

Oh no he's not.

Win for England, but all that possession in the second half, should have got at least 3 or 4.
471) Dan Beer 
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Sunday, 5 June 2016 08:30 Host: 97e53935.skybroadband.com Write a comment

Morning all back from the cruise and now married. Once we got onboard and met our wedding organiser, she move mountains to get things how they were supposed to be. Mac her and her hubby Amber and Joff know you. The skipper was IV but couldn't remember his surname. The whole day was very emotional and yet so very special. Need to get out on the roads in the MH and we have a party to organise for all those who couldn't make it on the cruise. Keep safe out there those at sea.

Scouse Boyle Sunday, 5 June 2016 16:37
Host: 027cb646.bb.sky.com
Congratulations Danbouy, glad it all went off well in the end....Everybody knows Mac!!!!
Danbouy from now on its not to be
known as a MH, but we prefer to call it a MTJ. lol

Mac MacCallum Sunday, 5 June 2016 17:53
Hi Danbouy congratulations and I am glad that all went well in the end. Yes I know Amber and Joff very well and I wish I had known they were on there and I would have contacted them much earlier to get things sorted. Did you ever meet up with Chris....the Captain is Iv Vidos...not one of my favourites but hey ho! Now it is back to causing MHJ again and life is again normal! Scouse you have bought another one of our ships. I am sure tht you know by now tht the Legend of the Seas has been sold to Thompson for the April 17 Season so it looks like the quiet Cruises will soon be a thing of the past even for you as they start to get bigger ships. Lovely ship though. As for me I am on the Radiance of the Seas now and we are doing the Alaska run and visiting all the ports that you see on the Tele programme "The Deadliest Catch" about the fishermen in this area. The views are quite stunning and to get up close to the Hubbard Glacier is quite something. Have to wrap up warm though especially at this vulnerable age!! Still got a date of Aug 3rd to hit Guzz but only for a couple of weeks before off to Chile and some exercise!!! Wish I was at home for your party Danbouy that should be a grand affair. Right I had better stop waffling and get about my business. We are in Ketichkan today and the sun is out for a change so have to take advantage of that a rare occurrence in this part of the world...never gets dark either!! So play nice, love and peace!

DAN BEER Sunday, 5 June 2016 19:01
Host: 97e53935.skybroadband.com
There ain't much in Dutch Harbour from what I see on 'Deadliest Catch'. But don't go mixing withem trawler boys.
Captain Iv Vidos was pleasant but not much conversation, we gave him a bottle of Plymouth Gin. MTJ is fine by me, I will be in the front of the jam!!!! lol
Off to the Venue for the shin dig for final planning and a taster of the fayre for the evening.

Scouse Tuesday, 7 June 2016 18:59
Host: 02dcb19a.bb.sky.com
Looked at the Legend of the Seas, Mac looks like a par as the Discovery, also looked at your ship, Jesus that's a biggie, not for me, too many yanks on there.
Had breakfast this morning with Basher, alls well with him, sends his regards to you and Johno, and best wishes to Danbouy.
Getting ready here for the euros which start on Friday, England don't play till Saturday, so that's the kweekend written off, might find time to go on the Hoe for coffee Sunday morning, then she is on the patio.
You all break a leg

Dan Beer Monday, 13 June 2016 10:06
Host: 97e53c48.skybroadband.com
Being able to catch the England match on Saturday night, reminded me the garden fence needs painting so Thursday maybe a time to do this. Why did he not bring Vardy on with 20 minutes to go and push for a second goal. Sterling is great for speed but shite at crossing a ball with his left foot.

Scouse Monday, 13 June 2016 17:29
Host: 5ac58576.bb.sky.com
Agree Danbouy, played well but coundn't score in Brothel, Hogson must be on borrowed time now.
Kane is over rated, Vardie will play the next game and probably Sturridge, stuff the fence you watch the game.
Breakfast tomorrow usual place
See what you are missing you flunkies on the ships.
Sweden just scored 1 - 1.
Break a leg.
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